2002-sept-05, CaScadeS is about to land into Mozilla's trunk. The source files available here will be soon obsoleted by mozilla/extensions/editor/cascades. In the meantime, you can install either an XPI corresponding to the future trunk version (that will be v0.2), or older versions based on mozdev CVS repository.

Click here to install the CaScadeS XPI.

WARNING : below are links to older unsupported versions. SlideMaker is unsupported too and TOCMaker is obsoleted by bug 170050.

  1. then install CaScadeS itself (WARNING : this XPI will not work with a version of Gecko older than 05-April-2002 ; it implies that Netscape 6.x versions will not allow the XPI to work well and you should upgrade to 7.x)
  2. You may also want to try two other tools, SlideMaker and TOCMaker ; the first one allows you to create slides and the second one generates/updates a table of contents. Warning, you need the Extensions PlaceHolder XPI for these two add-ons too.

The cascades project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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